Contact us about Cooper:

Please read ‘Is a Coonhound Right for You?’ at the bottom of this page before pursuing adoption.

We need to know about you.  Fill out the form below. Cooper is not a junk yard or bait dog. These are basic questions, but they are extremely important to us. We will follow up.

We can arrange a meet and greet with Cooper in a neutral environment.  You can also expect us to do a home visit, as well as a vet/trainer check if you own other animals.

Is a Coonhound Right for You?

Please do your research before adopting a coonhound. Like any breed, they have their own distinct qualities and are not right for everybody.

Consider your living situation. Containment is the major issue for hounds, who were bred to wander and hunt.  They need a fenced yard or must be taken for a long walk on a leash daily. They cannot be reliably trained in recall.  They are often not good dogs to leave in an apartment or condo if you work all day.

Coonhounds are generally pretty humble and laid back. They don’t have much of an ‘attitude’ and will have you laughing at their clownish antics.

Coonhounds have a loud, low bark and a bray (Like a howl–please see videos). They are often extremely vocally expressive, which can be mistaken for aggression.

As athletic, outdoorsy dogs, coonhounds are great companions for running, walking and hiking.

Coonhounds can be difficult to train because of their strong hunting instincts. Patience, and a firm, consistent approach to training is necessary.

Little maintenance is required with the coonhound coat; it’s short and an occasional brushing or bath is all that’s needed.