About Cooper

Cooper is a coonhound.

Coonhounds are special and Cooper’s life has been unstable. His foster family is committed to helping him be a success.

cooper sniffingHe needs a hound family who will revel in the needs of a hound. He would be best as the star of his own show. He doesn’t like to share the limelight with cats or other scampering animals. He needs lots of reassurance. Children would likely overwhelm him.

He’s learning to walk with a loose leash, which every hound family knows is a miracle. He needs a strong, stable, gentle alpha. He bonds very easily with men, but consistency is all that really matters for him.

Cooper is 5-7 years old. He is a healthy weight and a clean bill of health. He’s on Heartguard and Bravecto. To be his best, he needs long walks and doggy daycare. He loves going to doggie daycare at Mahogany Ridge in Malta, NY. He also likes sleepovers there just fine.

Everyone loves him. He’s a good boy.

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